Friday, July 6, 2012


Pick the 10 images that are included in your package. E-mail me @ with your choices and you will receive them burned on cd in high resolution color. If you would like to purchase additional images, the cost is $15 per image. Payment is due at the time of disc pickup.

-PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: The numbers corresponding to the images are ABOVE each picture. Please make sure you are putting the correct numbers in the e-mail. -All images are copyright Halversen Photography. Do NOT attempt to save these images and print them out. They have been re-sized for the web and are EXTREMELY low resolution. I trust my clients to be honest and hope that you will not attempt to use any image you have not purchased. Thanks again for using Halversen Photography! We appreciate your business!

( 6490 )Photobucket 6524 Photobucket 6538 Photobucket 6541 Photobucket 6546 Photobucket 6549 Photobucket 6558 Photobucket 6562 Photobucket 6578 Photobucket 6589 Photobucket 6601 Photobucket 6609 Photobucket 6614 Photobucket 6621 Photobucket 6672 Photobucket 6696 Photobucket 6701 Photobucket 6713 Photobucket 6717 Photobucket

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